Ways to Support Your Library


Join Friends of the Library

Friends of the Library is a valued and critical partner of Lassen Library. Friends promotes and advocates for the library in the community, serves as the non-profit fundraising arm in support of the library, and can frequently be seen volunteering in the library and at various library programming activities. You do not have to be a Friends member to make tangible or financial donations and those donations are tax-deductible to the extent the law allows. Go to the Friends web page for more information.

Financial Contributions

Your financial contributions support the Library for specific one-time purchases (e.g., support of programming such as Cowboy Poetry and Summer Reading), and contribute to ongoing expenses such as additions to our book, magazine, and e-magazine collections. Contributions can be made directly to the library or via the Friends of the Library.

Volunteer Your Time

Volunteers are always needed to help keep shelves organized and clean, support programming through setup and takedown at events, help with event preparation (e.g., craft supply preparation for Summer Reading programming), re-shelving books, updating bulletin boards, etc. Contact a staff member information on the volunteer opportunities at the library.

Donation of Physical Items

The library can often use physical items for support of Library operations, programs or facilities needs. The library has specific needs and won't accept donations of physical items that do not meet those needs.  The library's current list of desired items is below in the Wish List section below. Contact the Library Director at 257-8113 to inquire about or arrange for physical donations.


2017-2018 Wish List Items


Computers for patron and staff use.
ComputerThe library strives to keep its computer technology current by following an annual weeding of its oldest technology. Each year the library needs 3-5 computers. Let the Library Director know that you wish your financial donation to go toward the purchase of a computer. The library currently acquires Dell Optiplex business class computers and will accept the donation of a physical computer if it meets or exceeds the specifications of the Dell Optiplex, which are generally described below:

  1. Intel Core i5 processor
  2. 8 GB of memory (RAM)
  3. 500 GB hard drive storage
  4. Windows 10 Professional operating system
  5. Computer cannot be older than a 2016 model and must the Windows 10 operating system 

Conference Room Folding Chairs

ConFoldingChairhelping the Library replace its conference room and programming folding chairs; you can “sponsor” the purchase of one, two, or more chairs (up to our total need of 36 chairs). OR, if you are a member of a group that regularly uses our conference rooms, please consider sponsoring “your own” chair/s to help us reach our goal. (Note: To ensure chairs match, chairs will be ordered from the Library’s supplier directly by the Library; quantity will depend on the donation of chair “sponsorships.”)

Insulated Blackout Window Coverings

CurtainsIn order to be able to darken meeting rooms when needed and to better control the temperatures in those rooms the Library is seeking donations of insulated blackout curtains; please contact the Library Director if you are interested in arranging for this donation.


Books (New and Used)

BooksThe Library does not have the financial resources to have a book buying budget. All new items added to the library's collections come form grants and your donations. The Spring and Fall book sales are one way the community can contribute books as the funds raised go towards purchase of new materials. The library also adds appropriate donated books to the collections. Consider donating your gently used books for addition to the collection or to stock the used book sale benefitting the Library.

Donation Guidelines

The Library gratefully accepts donations of books and other materials for its collections.

Acceptable materials include books of fiction, non-fiction, large type and children's and videos in the DVD and Blu-Ray formats.

Due to space limitations and low demand we do not accept:

  • VHS tapes, Reader's Digest condensed books
  • Encyclopedias
  • Text books, student workbooks or study guides
  • Professional manuals

Rule of Thumb
If you wouldn't buy it or give it to a friend, think twice about donating it.
Condition matters. The library usually won't accepted any item that is:

  • Dirty
  • Moldy
  • Burnt
  • Water damaged
  • Missing covers/pages
  • Has excessive writing/marking

If in doubt please ask a staff member about the acceptablity of a possible donation before bringing it to the library.