Inter-Library Loan - Access to the Global Library

As a small, rural library we cannot possibly maintain in our collection every item our patrons could desire. The solution is to borrow items from other libraries via the interlibrary loan system.

The Lassen Library District is the only public library in Lassen County that is member of the California State Library system, the North State Cooperative Library System and the NorthNet Library System. Our membership in these systems affords our patrons the ability to request materials from virtually any library in the world via the OCLC WorldCat resource sharing system. 

Most materials in the collections of these libraries can be borrowed, but the loan periods and any late fees vary depending on the policies of the lending library.

ILL Request Procedures

Patrons must have a Lassen Library District library card and be patrons in good standing. Patrons with long-outstanding late fees or overdue items will not be allowed to make ILL requests.

ILL requests can be made in person, via facsimilie or e-mail, but all patrons will be required to indicate their acceptance of the terms of the loan, including the requirement to pay associated costs, by signing the request application prior to picking up the borrowed items. 

There is a four-item limit on the number of ILL items a patron can have at any time.

Library staff members will search the holdings of other libraries using on-line database search and reservation tools available to them to find the requested materials and place a loan order for them. Patrons are called when the items have arrived at the library.

Patrons can search the the worldwide OCLC, Inc. online library catalog - WorldCat - to find materials themselves, but they will not be able to make a reservation request on this system themselves.

ILL Fees

Materials borrowed from other public libraries are transported via the U.S. Postal Service. As the library no longer receives reimbursement from the State Library for ILL transportation costs, we charge a $3 fee to cover the postage costs of returning materials borrowed from other libraries. 

Usually, other libraries do not charge us for their ILL transportation costs but they may at their discretion. Library staff makes every effort to find requested materials at a library that does not charge us for their costs. We also search for requested items at a California library before considering an out-of-state library.

When charges are involved library staff will obtain approval from the requesting patron before finalizing the transaction.

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