The library is an independent special district that funds its operations with an assessment of a special tax, grants from local, state and federal programs, donations and the collection of fees for certain services.

The Board of Library Trustees sets the fee schedule during annual budget preparations in May and June of each year, or when required during the fiscal year. All suggestions for change to the fee schedule should be addressed to the Library Director who will present the issue to the board of library trustees.

Schedule of Fees
(Effective as of January 26, 2017)
Use of Computers Free for all patrons
Conference Room Rental Free; donations accepted
Damaged book repair $5 per item
Facsimile (FAX) Cover page is free, $3 first page, $1 each additional page.
No faxing to non-U.S. numbers. 
Interlibrary Loans Free if from a California library; 
$3 for return postage if from an out-of-state library

Lamination $1 per foot – 1 foot minimum charge
Overdue Materials

Books, CDs, Books on Tape:  $0.25 per day
DVDs and Video Tapes:   $0.50 per day
Interlibrary loaned materials: $1.00 per day.
Maximum Charge:  Replacement value of the item; items not returned within 190 days are declared LOST at which time the Lost Item fee is imposed.
Lost Items:  replacement value of the item plus $5 processing fee

Library Card

Resident - covered by annual $28 tax on residential dwellings within the District boundary.
Non-Resident - $28 per out-of-district residential dwelling

Library card replacement No charge
Microfilm Search

Obituary -- $5 per name
Other -- $20 per hour of search time
(includes printing and return postage)

Printing/copying $0.15 per page (monochrome)
$0.25 per page (color)
(all pages counted, including mistake pages)
Returned check (NSF) Amount of check plus $40 processing fee;

















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