Library Membership

California law requires that all public libraries provide basic library services to residents within the Library District's boundaries free of charges above and beyond the voter-approved financing arrangement of the district. The Library District's boundaries are coterminous with those of the City of Susanville, County of Lassen, California, therefore all residents of the City of Susanville are entitled to a library card without additional charge. Residents living outside the city limits of Susanville are considered non-residents for the purposes of library membership and will be required to pay a non-resident fee to obtain a Lassen Library District library card. The non-resident fee provides a library card for each person living in the household for which the fee is paid. The non-resident fee is currently $28.

Library cards are issued for one year and are renewable.

Everyone is entitled to and encouraged to use the library facilities, but only those people who have a library card can borrow books or materials. Everyone, card holders and non-card holders alike, may be assessed usage fees for the use of certain facilities, programs, services and products which are not considered basic library services.  (See the Schedule of Fees)

Lassen College students are considered residents for purposes of obtaining a Lassen Library District library card. Proof of enrollment is required.

Obtaining a Library Card

To obtain a library card, you must:

  1. Apply in person;
  2. Prove who you are by presenting photo identification, such as CA drivers license, CA I.D. card, military / D.O.D. I.D., or passport
  3. Prove where you live by presenting documentation of a physical address (a Post Office box mailing address is not sufficient), such as your property tax statement, rental agreement, utility bill, vehicle registration, CA drivers license, or personal check with printed address. Lassen College students must show proof of registration for the current semester.
  4. Be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, if under the age of 18 years. Parents/guardians of minors will also be required to complete consent forms for their minor children to use the library's public access computers.

Patrons are responsible for informing library staff of any changes in name, address, or phone number.

Library Reciprocity Agreement - Direct Loan

Lassen Library membership is recognized at most other libraries in California, meaning Lassen Library card holders are permitted to check out items directly from these other libraries. Most libraries will probably issue their own library cards to Lassen Library card holders seeking direct loan privileges after checking with Lassen Library as to the status of their Lassen Library accounts.

All items checked out from the lending library are done so under that library's loan policies. Items checked out from other libraries can be returned to the Lassen Library, who will return them to the lending library. Patrons are responsible to the lending library for all late charges they may incur and must take into consideration the increased time involved in returning loaned items to the lending library so as to avoid incurring late charges.

Lassen Library will issue a non-resident Lassen Library Card to patrons of other library jurisdictions seeking direct loan privileges at Lassen Library. The patron must present at the time of application a valid library card from their community's library, as well as a valid photo identification, and Lassen Library will verify with that library that the patron's account with that library is in good standing before issuing a Lassen Library card.

Loan Periods and Restrictions

There is a 15-item limit on the total number of items a patron can have checked out at any one time. There are limits on the number of some items one may borrow, as listed below. The library asks that patrons borrow no more items at one time than can reasonably be used and cared for within the loan period.

Adult & Young Adult books, books on tape/CD

Four (4) weeks

Newly received popular titles
(New fiction books remain on this list for 3 months and then are placed into the general collection.)
Limit = 2

Two (2) weeks

Children's books

Four (4) weeks

Videos (VHS tape & DVD)
Limit = 5 

One (1) week

Audio CDs 

Four (4) weeks

Books acquired via Inter-Library Loan

Four (4) weeks or as set by lending library

Materials are due back on or before the due date. Patrons are afforded a 3-day grace period after the due date to return items. Items returned after the grace period will have late fees assessed from the original due date.

Loan Period Extensions

Patrons may request one renewal per item to extend the loan period by an additional loan period. Renewals must be made prior to the items' due dates. Renewing after a due date will not cancel any incurred late charges. Renewals may be requested by phone to the Circulation Desk (251-8127) during open hours, by e-mail via this Contact Us link or directly online via the patron's online user account. Items for which additional renewals beyond the first one are desired must be presented to the Circulation Staff in person, checked in and then checked back out to the patron.

Patron Responsibilities

All patrons are responsible for the proper care and use all materials checked out on their library cards and for all late fees that may be incurred for materials returned after the due date(s), and that are damaged or lost.

Parents/guardians of minor children are responsible for providing proper guidance on the choices of materials their children make, for the proper care and use all materials checked out on their library cards and for all late fees that may be incurred for materials returned after the due date(s), and that are damaged or lost.

As per Education Code Sections 19910 and 19911, it is a misdemeanor offense for anyone to maliciously cut, tear, deface, break, or injure any book, map, chart, picture, engraving, statue, coin, model, apparatus, or other work of literature, art, mechanics, or object of curiosity, deposited in any public library, or who willfully detains any book, newspaper, magazine, pamphlet, manuscript, or other property belonging to any public for 30 days after notice in writing to return the article or property. The parent or guardian of a minor who willfully and maliciously commits any act within the scope of these sections shall be liable for all damages so caused by the minor.

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